The 10 Amazing Turn-Based RPGS Worth Playing In 2024 (2024)

Turn-based RPGS have been a constant in the gaming scene ever since their implosion back in the 90s. That’s not an opinion; it’s a fact, and gamers are constantly looking for new titles within this niche. Well, today, we’re here to answer this call and give y’all enthusiasts some totally dope hand-picked favorites from the genre. Now, let’s get this party started!

Which Epic Turn-Based RPGS Should You Check Out?

While there’s no shortage of awesometacular turn-based RPGS, we gotta draw the line somewhere to narrow things down. Today’s list is gonna have 10 spots to fill, so expect some fan favorites and some underrated gems, too. This healthy mix is gonna ensure you discover games you haven’t tried before, and that’s what we’re all about. Now, enough small talk; time to see which ones made the cut.

10.) Battle Chasers: Nightwar

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Kicking off our list of top-tier turn-based RPGS is Battle Chasers: Nightwar. One of the most criminally underrated games of the genre, Battle Chaser: Nightwar subverts all expectations. Everything from the smooth animation to the unique aesthetic of Madureira’s hand-drawn art style is brimming with charm. Every hit feels impactful, like in our top hack-and-slash games.

Gameplay-wise, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is tons of fun. Every playable character in the game possesses a unique skill set and has a distinct look that sets them apart. Battle Chasers: Nightwar starts off easy to hook you in, then significantly ups the ante with its difficulty scale. That’s not a knock on the game; we’re just telling you to be mentally ready.

The battles are tough but highly fulfilling, and you can adjust the challenge level of a dungeon before entering it. This feature of Battle Chasers: Nightwar allows you to get a feel for the game’s exploration and combat. Another thing that makes Battle Chasers: Nightwar such an iconic turn-based RPG is its soundtrack, which oozes epicness.

9.) Sea Of Stars

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Last year’s indie darling that got glowing reviews is our next pick for the best turn-based RPGS. We’re talking about Sea Of Stars, and believe us, the hype is real. Two distinct protagonists with the power of the moon and sun, their abilities causing the background to change? Sea Of Stars truly knows how to captivate us with its visuals.

Sea Of Stars has questlines that allow you to recruit companions to join your party. Trust us, you don’t wanna miss out on them, either. Specifically, if you’re looking for plot twisty alternative endings that’ll blow your mind. Sea Of Stars is a modern take on the classical style of Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) games.

There are loads of luscious levels with puzzles and excellent structuring. You get a grand overarching tale with gripping character development and brilliant game design in Sea Of Stars. If you’re like us and love throwback homage and nostalgia in your turn-based RPGS, you gotta try Sea Of Stars.

8.) Octopath Traveler II

The 10 Amazing Turn-Based RPGS Worth Playing In 2024 (3)

Next up on our list of fun turn-based RPGS, we move from one modern classic to another. Octopath Traveler II is Square Enix’s HD-2D return with modern-day upscaling and design. Like its predecessor, you get 8 playable characters, each one with their own backstory and chapters focusing on their perspective.

Players can choose to begin from any one of them, and the rest of the cast will unlock as the plot progresses. The day/night cycle plays a factor in quest completion in Octopath Traveler II, so remember to proceed at the right time. Without question, the best part of the game is the strategic depth of combat. Grinding doesn’t feel like grinding because the enemy encounters are super fun.

Every character’s unique skill set in Octopath Traveler II makes them invaluable to the overall line-up. There are even collaborative story features called crossed paths that help you see how the interactions between the protagonists would play out. Octopath Traveler II is one of the most enjoyable turn-based fantasy action RPGS we’ve played in recent memory. Check it out, people!

7.) Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The 10 Amazing Turn-Based RPGS Worth Playing In 2024 (4)

Okay, we’ll admit, this next entry on our list of amazing turn-based RPGS got a bad rap upon release. Marvel’s Midnight Suns had the right visuals and hype with its cinematic trailers, and fan expectations were high… And then the gameplay reveal happened. Fans expected something like action beat’em games. Instead, it was a tactical card-based RPG.

Suffice to say, the fan reception was vocal and mostly negative, but! Hear us out, will ya? Marvel’s Midnight Suns is super solid both story-wise, and its gameplay is also a ton of fun. You gotta position your heroes tactically on the battlefield grid and then choose the right ability to deal damage to enemies.

The roster of Marvel characters with cool new threads for Marvel’s Midnight Suns is great to see in action. Couple that with talented voice actors who authentically portray these characters, well, it is a treat. The free-roam sections where you interact and talk to these characters are truly well done. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is one of those turn-based RPGS that deserves a second chance.

6.) Fire Emblem: Three Houses – A Modern Classic that Refined Turn-Based RPGS

The 10 Amazing Turn-Based RPGS Worth Playing In 2024 (5)

Our first half of the list of fantastic turn-based RPGS caps off with one of the best Nintendo Switch exclusives ever. Specifically, we’re referring to Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This game is responsible for revitalizing the Fire Emblem series. With a completely different approach, Fire Emblem: Three Houses gives players the experience of a lifetime.

Players immediately select one of the three Houses to align with, and from there, they gotta stick to strict time management. While tactical roleplaying combat is just one facet of the game, and we love it, the real fun is in the character interaction and relationships you form in Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Depending on your alignment of the house, the story unfolds in radically different ways, giving you plenty of incentive to replay the game. Not only that, but the title of the game is a deceptive one. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say that Fire Emblem: Three Houses has one big surprise after you think you’ve seen everything. Honestly, it’s one of the most enthralling turn-based RPGS ever.

5.) Darkest Dungeon

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Now, we plunge to the depths of the insanity with Darkest Dungeon. This game’s one of the spookiest turn-based RPGS with eldritch horrors front and center. But that’s only part of the originality of this immersive and addictive game. For there are other dangers that can be equally as fatal.

Darkest Dungeon throws something so unexpected yet so obvious that we’ve yet to see it executed in any other game with such flawless finesse. It’s the lingering trauma of adventuring in dungeons. The dark side of adventures that realistically is very much inescapable. The adventurers face stress based on several factors, some not even directly related to combat.

Darkest Dungeon has an eerie ambiance that unsettles players. Sure, the horrific monstrosities straight out of the most terrifying horror games play a hand in making things difficult. But if you forget to pack food and water or run out of them during dungeon exploration, it’s a descent into madness. This makes Darkest Dungeon a huge deal among turn-based RPGS.

4.) Divinity Original Sin II

The 10 Amazing Turn-Based RPGS Worth Playing In 2024 (7)

Another one of the isometric-perspective tactical turn-based RPGS grabs a spot on our list. But it’s not just any game; it’s the bloody brilliant Divinity Original Sin II. This game’s the best when you try and experiment with the flexibility of its quest design approach. Not everything needs to be negotiated or strongarmed; sometimes you exchange favors and other times, charm checks will do.

The point is, Divinity Original Sin II is a game that you’ll pour hours and weeks into playing and still discover something new. The game’s dialogue system and how your choices and even the order in which you do quests impact the narrative are all astounding. Only a select few fantasy medieval-themed games get this right, and Divinity Original Sin II is one of them.

The character customization is so diverse and in-depth that you’ll spend a great amount of time experimenting with it. Plus, depending on your character’s race, species, and affinity it will play heavily into how the NPCs perceive your protagonist. The combat of Divinity Original Sin II is delightfully entertaining and makes the game one of the standout turn-based RPGS.

3.) Yakuza: Like A Dragon

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Gearing up for the top 3 on our list of spectacular turn-based RPGS, we’ve got Yakuza: Like A Dragon. This one’s a real doozy cause the gameplay formula is switched up quite a bit from past entries of the Yakuza franchise. The new direction is actually pretty freaking awesome cause it adds a new layer of fun tying into the game’s goofy theme.

Let’s face it: Yakuza: Like A Dragon is all about embracing the silliness. Seeing grown adults posing like they’re kids in their Chūnibyō phase definitely gives the funniest games ever a run for their money. But more than that, Yakuza: Like A Dragon adopts the strategic element, making you think every time it’s your turn.

The combat takes a fun visual style approach, and with the environmental interaction, there’s enough meat to hook players both old and new to the series. The open-world exploration of Yakuza: Like A Dragon, along with several mini-games and character classes, all feel refreshing. If you want to try bonkers, over-the-top turn-based RPGS, it don’t get more wacky than Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

2.) Final Fantasy VII Remake

The 10 Amazing Turn-Based RPGS Worth Playing In 2024 (9)

When it comes to iconic genre-defining turn-based RPGS, Final Fantasy VII Remake has no equal. Both the original from the era of PS1 JRPGS, as well as the remake hold pioneering status. The fan and critical reception for Final Fantasy VII Remake speaks for itself. Not only are the visuals crisp and jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but the gameplay feels like a grand spectacle, too.

Players take on the role of edge-lord protagonist Cloud Strife, he’s a mercenary finding his calling. He’s surrounded by an all-star stellar cast of “eco-terrorists” whom he eventually joins forces with. The goal? Take down the diabolical Shinra Corporation that’s wreaking havoc on Midgar. Of course, this leads to direct conflict between Cloud and his arch-nemesis, Sephiroth.

The cinematic unveiling of the plot and the way the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake unfolds will have you fanboying/fangirling hard. Every time you encounter powerful enemies, the combat is super fun and engaging. You’ll need to be careful; if you get distracted from all the glamor, you might end up losing. Overall, Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of the fines finest turn-based RPGS ever.

1.) Persona 5 Royal – The King of Turn-Based RPGS

The 10 Amazing Turn-Based RPGS Worth Playing In 2024 (10)

We’re capping off our list of just the most terrific turn-based RPGS with the genre’s undisputed winner of the popularity contest, Persona 5 Royal. Look, there can be only one, and the way Persona 5 Royal has managed to captivate players is second to none. It’s a freaking PS3-era release, for crying out loud! Yet, fans still play it on all the current-gen consoles.

Persona 5 Royal combines life-sim, time-management, and dungeon-crawling in a mishmash that just blends perfectly. The silent protagonist, Joker, is a transfer student by day and a phantom thief by night. He goes on the meta-physical journey, diving into people’s consciousness to root out their corruption. Joker then assembles a party of companions who wanna join his cause.

The ending can vary depending on your choices, plus the social links are a huge draw for the game as well. Yep, Persona 5 Royal borrows from some of the best dating simulator games around. The stronger your bond with your teammates, the more effective they will be in combat in Persona 5 Royal. The strategic combat in Persona 5 Royal is one of the best in turn-based RPGS.

Final Thoughts on the Most Fun Turn-Based RPGS Today

Well, that was a fun little ride to conclude our list of the most exciting turn-based RPGS you can play today. So, then, what’s the verdict, folks? Y’all agree with our picks? Or do ya feel like we’re missing out on other great ones that deserve mention? Either way, tell us your thoughts and list your own favorites in the comments section below. We look forward to your feedback.

If you’re still hankering for more RPG goodness, don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of suggestions you can check out to satisfy your RPG craving. Take a gander at our top 4 PS2 JRPGS for something within the same ballpark as today’s list. Alrighty, then, we’re gonna take off now but check back in soon for more gaming lists. Until next time, take care, stay safe, and happy gaming, y’all!

The 10 Amazing Turn-Based RPGS Worth Playing In 2024 (2024)


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