Braised Chicken With Tomatoes, Olives and Capers Recipe (2024)



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This was delicious and a hit with my family. I used boneless, skinless chicken thighs and seasoned them with flour, salt and pepper before braising them. I also added zucchini, carrot, red capsicum, and mushrooms to the tomato mix (to add more veg) and then put everything in a casserole dish in the oven to cook slowly. The flavours were incredible, the chicken succulent with a nice coating. We ate it with rice. An easy meal. Will definitely do this again!


We just made this for a potluck and it was great! We only had chicken breasts so we ended up marinating them in the olive oil with some salt, pepper, and herbs for about 45 minutes beforehand to infuse a little flavor and reduce dryness. Came out great.


I made this and did it in my electric pressure cooker using boneless breasts. Did same as a few. I floured and sauteed the onions and chicken first then added everything in. Cooked on high pressure for 15 minutes and served with taglitelle, ciabatta rolls and a Lebanese salad.
It was delicious.


Very good recipe. I added 2 bell peppers, one red and one green, and I thought this really completed the dish. With this addition, I would give it 5 stars.


I thought the flavors in this were fantastic, and the interior of the chicken came out cooked perfectly. Next time (there will be a next time) I make this, I will not flip the chicken, once it goes back in the sauce. The skin had a nice crispiness to it, that was lost once I flipped it skin side down in the sauce. Towards the end of the process, I put the entire dish in the oven under the broiler for 5 minutes to try to dry/ crisp the skin back up. This helped a bit, but not enough. Now I know!


Excellent dish. Very simple, but very, very tasty.


Great recipe. Personally, it was easier for me to use boneless chicken instead of a whole chicken. When booking the chicken in the sauce, the skin becomes soggy. I also leave out the capers because I use some extra olives and don’t want the extra salt. Fantastic recipe that allows for adjustments while keeping the main flavors.


An excellent recipe! I'd add more capers. Also I'd consider trying it with fish.


Can add a bell pepper and or zucchini for more vets. Also throw in oven to braise slowly if desired


I was cooking for two. I used two boneless chicken thighs, cut everything in the recipe in half except olives and garlic and cooked the chicken for less time than the recipe specified, just until it reached 160° it was very good I didn’t get.


Didn’t love it. Too much bitter caper flavor.


Very good but strangely tastes like pizza.


Made this with boneless, skinless chicken thighs, green olives and added diced red and yellow peppers and a dash of red pepper flakes. It was a pretty saucy dish so I served it with Trader Joe's harvest grains blend mix to soak up the sauce. Everyone liked it.




Trying to recreate a Lynn Rosetta Kasper recipe that is no longer available. Added rosemary rather than thyme. Added a bit of tomato paste and more wine as the broth cooked down.


Sauce was a little thin at the end so I added some flour mixed with cold water to thicken it. Served it over pasta. Delish!


Sooo good. I added an orange bell pepper with the onion & used mountain capers packed in salt that I rinsed & chopped. Didn't have white wine so used broth. Didn't have fresh thyme so I added a couple of teaspoons of Herbs de Province. Just yummy. Looking forward to leftovers.


I have made this grest recipe many times. Tonight I am trying it in the instant pot.


Have made this twice now and love it. This time I didn’t flip the chicken and I put it under the broiler for about 5 minutes at the end to re-crisp the skin. Perfect!


This is a very forgiving recipe. Add what you have (I like mushrooms) add red wine or white...this is a base that can pretty much be measuring needed. Skillet, slow cooker, play around and find your groove. Peasant food is intended to be adapted to what's available.

Ellen Smart

Delicious. I had no olives, but had a mixed olive and caper tapenade, so used plenty of that. Fresh tomatoes. Put the sauce together to let it cook down a bit. Had chicken tenders, cut them into bite-sized pieces, added to the sauce, and cooked very briefly, just till done. Served with buckwheat noodles (soba).


Wonderful recipe with awesome flavor! Made this using bone-in chicken thighs. I used a combination of kalamata and garlic stuffed olives which I sliced. Followed another rec and did not flip the chicken. Chicken was moist and tender and the sauce was so good, slurped up all the extras with side of basmati rice. I did not have fresh parsley or thyme but will try it next time.


Heated the oven to 425 and browned the chicken only slightly then put it aside. Used a large fresh tomato chopped into 1 inch pieces. Calamata olives. Cooked the tomatoes and spices till the tomatoes were soft. Set the sauce aside, returned the chicken, covered it with the sauce, added the olives and put the pan in the oven for about 15 minutes. Chicken turned out moist and tender. The dark olives made a nice contrast.

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Braised Chicken With Tomatoes, Olives and Capers Recipe (2024)


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